Monday, January 1, 2018

Make a Ringtone with Garage Band

I love Garageband, I love Android and I love Ringtones. Naturally, II've created a free how-to create and export a ringtone with Garageband. It's super simple, and very rewarding.

First, you need to either make a song in Garageband or import some music into Garageband. 

Apple has a straightforward tutorial on this. so I won't reinvent the wheel here.

The fact is, you can turn ANY Garageband project into a ringtone. 

The three simple rules are:

1. Create a cycle so that you have no more than 40 seconds of music.
2. Export the song as a ringtone to iTunes.
3. Find the file on your computer and add it to your Andriod phone (or use iTunes to sync it with your iPhone).

If you use android, you can add the song file to your device's music folder and select it as a ringtone. But you'll need some more instructions to convert the ringtone from OSx to Android.

On your Mac, go to spotlight search, and type “iTunes Media”. Then click on “Import” - it’s on the right hand side.

Once in the import folder, you should see your ringtone. That’s the file you want to put on your phone! Mine was called “Reminiscence”. The problem we have is that Android doesn't recognize the m4r extension. Luckily, the fix is super easy.

To make the ringtone work with andriod, you just need to click on the song name and change the extension from m4r to m4a. That’s it!

But make sure you are changing the actual extension and not just the name of the file.

Follow these steps to make sure you have changed the extension.

First, press the control key and then click the file (this is Mac's stupid way of right clicking if you haven't set up right click in the trackpad or mouse settings --- which I highly recommend doing). This will bring up something called a ‘context menu’. In the context menu, click “get info”

The next thing that pops up will be full of information. Find the file name and file extension … it will be nameofthesong.m4r

Change the m4r to m4a and go through the prompts if there are any.

Then THAT’s It!

Enjoy your shiny new ringtone! :)

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Black Ghost Audio

image courtesy of black ghost audio -

My Friend Charles over at Black Ghost Audio has created a nice list of places to go for production advice, as well as a list of recommended software. He's also got tons of tutorials of his own including a free mixing tutorial.

Check it out!